Beyond Contempt is a new YouTube channel and website giving insight and analysis of Cypriot justice. I will be highlighting the mistreatment of foreigners in the Republic of Cyprus and expose the abuse by the judiciary towards anyone, not of Greek Cypriot origin.
I’ll cover my 13-year court battle against a property developer (Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd) and give tips for attending court. I’ll be covering the stories of other victims too and there will be regular videos and live streams commenting on issues affecting expats, tourists and the property market.
Join me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Periscope where together we’ll discuss corruption and how it affects us and unveil crooks within the property industry and beyond.

Cyprus BEYOND CONTEMPT intro and case summary

In video one, I introduce Beyond Contempt and give a brief summary of my situation. I talk about the community of property victims online and give examples of the judicial abuse we suffer. I preview the videos coming soon and give you a peek into what it’s really like for a foreigner to go through the court system in the Republic of Cyprus. You can read a full transcript here and there is an audio version available on Soundcloud.

Court reporting in Cyprus PRESS SHUT OUT!

In video two, I show how the press are shut out of the courtrooms in the Republic of Cyprus. The judiciary does not have a system of continuous hearings which makes it impossible for journalists to cover your case. But multiple adjournments aside, the reality for foreigners is much worse and I give examples from my case which show how the press were excluded. I also give thanks to friends, publications and platforms that became de facto court reporters of my case and I demonstrate why Beyond Contempt is necessary. You can read a full transcript here and there is...