Cyprus ranks 47th worldwide in Transparency International list, down 15 places

Transparency International
Transparency International

By Stelios Orphanides

Cyprus ranked joint 47th with the Czech Republic and Malta 47th in the 2016 Transparency International corruption perception index out of 176 countries, after plunging 15 positions in one year, the Berlin-based anti-corruption watchdog said on Wednesday.

Cyprus scored only 55 points last year when it ranked 32nd compared to 61 points in 2015 and 63 points in 2014, and was just behind Grenada which scored 56 points, and ahead of Mauritius and Rwanda with 54 points, the non-governmental organisation said.

Denmark and New Zealand topped the list scoring 90, followed by Finland, Sweden and Switzerland with 89, 88 and 86 points, Transparency International said. Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea took the last places in the list with 10, 11 and 12 points.

Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria were the European Union members considered to be more corrupt compared to Cyprus, Transparency International said.

Russia, one of Cyprus’s main trading partners ranked 131st together with Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan and Nepal with 29 points, Transparency International said.

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